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When it comes to H2O, Steinie's is all you need to know


Fill Your Pond With Fish

Fill your pond with fish from Steinie's Water Gardens Unlimited. We are your pond and water garden specialists.

Stop by our 9,000-sq. ft. greenhouse today to check out our huge inventory. We're sure to have everything you need for your pond or water garden.

A variety of fish available

From all types of water features to irrigation systems, Steinie's Water Gardens Unlimited is truly the one-stop shop for all of your needs.


With more than 17 years of experience, we provide friendly and reliable service.

Pond and water garden specialists

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"If you're thinking about putting a pond in your backyard, Steinie's is the place to go."


Karen H.

  • Standard Koi fish

  • Butterfly Koi fish

  • Shubunkin

  • Comets

Koi Koi fishes in a pond Koi fishes in a pond